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Vinyasa Flow

Challenge yourself to encompass the next level of practice. Vinyasa flow offers posture sequencing to strengthen your body and mind, while creating balance through the guide of how your breath relates to the movement. Work into a peak pose, or flow through several main postures, the evolution taking you exactly where YOUR journey leads. Practice breathing exercises and techniques to create a greater understanding of your breath. Although this class can be arduous, relax in knowing you can take it at your own pace and rest whenever you need. Build endurance and the receptivity to be where you are, because you are just as you should be, right here, right now!
Go with the flow, and breathe!

Level 2
Pace: Moderate
Posture: Warming, supportive strength integration, deep stretch.
Modification: Offered and instructed.
Guidance: Supportively detailed.
Level 3
Pace: Steady- Fast
Posture: Build Strength and stamina/ challenging postures and transitions. Deep opening. Inversions and arm balances.
Modification: Accessible/ Lightly instructed.
Guidance: Supportive/ Precise/ Detailed as pace allows.