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Hot Yoga

Tone, stretch, sweat. This class will give you a workout! Set to 105 degrees, Hot yoga is for those who want a unique challenge from their yoga class, challenge being, it's HOT! Get a sauna style sweat while enjoying the sequence from your teacher, each giving their own flavor to the class. Recommended to bring a mat towel and hand towel along with plenty of water, and if you don't have it, we've got you covered! It's getting hot in here!!!!

Level 2
Pace: Moderate
Posture: Warming, supportive strength integration, deep stretch.
Modification: Offered and instructed.
Guidance: Supportively detailed.
Level 3
Pace: Steady- Fast
Posture: Build Strength and stamina/ challenging postures and transitions. Deep opening. Inversions and arm balances.
Modification: Accessible/ Lightly instructed.
Guidance: Supportive/ Precise/ Detailed as pace allows.